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Dennis Israel - Head Engineer

Dennis is the head engineer of Clintworks Audio Productions and your primal contact person for any thing concerning your production.

Dennis started at age 20 with the recording and mixing of music.

He studied at the SAE in Hamburg and immersed himself in the basics of the audio and recording techniques, and from there he received his Bachelor of Recording Art.

Dennis added to his experience by working for several recording studios in Scandinavia.

In addition to his job at Clintworks Audio Productions, Dennis was active as a supervisor at SAE Hamburg and is also working as freelancing teacher for Pro Tool and the basics of audio engineering.


While recording, we will completely focus on the well being of the artists. We know that excellent results can only be obtained in a atmosphere of happiness.

Our well equipped studio provides all possibilities for an impressive and successful production. Special requirements will be gladly arranged.


Our years of experience are combined with state of the art digital technology. Thus we deliver a powerful tuned mix of the highest quality; a mix which will complement any band to succeed on the international market.

In addition, we will mix material which has not been recorded in our studio. It will give your recording the final and successful touch.

To convince you of our qualities, we make a special offer. Send us a song which is supposed to be mixed and we will provide you with a sample of how it could sound after it has been mixed at Clintworks.


Are your needs for loud, louder, loudest, or rather for more moderate audio levels with plenty of dynamic sound?

Each production receives a final mastering and the refined polishing expected by our clients. Of course, we will fulfill the total requirements and desires of our customers.


The world of audio is moving on and Clintworks is keeping pace with new possibilities in addition to the customary stereo mix.

Presently, the most interesting development is the 5.1 mix, which has been made popular by bands like DIMMU BORGIR, DREAM THEATER, OPETH and THE BEATLES.

The number of 5.1 productions is growing and we offer to mix your production material according to the 5.1 system.